The third panel represents the landing of the repatriated slaves on the shores of Africa. Here, the principal figures are Cinque, the missionaries, James Steel with his sea chest, and the little Black girl, Margue, who in later years had a son who returned to graduate from Yale University with a Ph.D. degree. In the background lie their ship at the harbor, and a boatload of their party just landing on the beach.

Three dramatic moments were chosen to tell the Amistad story: panel one shows the mutiny in progress, panel two presents the trial, and panel three depicts the return of the Mende captives to West Africa. Each panel is accompanied by interpretive text in the form of poetic verses.

The third panel bears the inscription:

Out of New York another ship goes, The Gentleman

This time black freedom moves in her sides

And the fighters for this freedom have sent the race

To teach the heathens in the hunter's land

The fire is lit

The Smoke is rising... rising.